Whales play under the Northern Lights

Spectacular footage taken by Norwegian photographer Harald Albrigtsen shows whales playing in the light of the Aurora Borealis off the coast of Norway, taken by the Norwegian photographer.

A pod of whales has been captured on video playing beneath the Northern Lights on an island in the Norwegian municipality of Tromso. Nature photographer Harald Albrigtsen was testing some of his new equipment on Kvaloya, otherwise known as ‘Whale Island’, when he spotted the whales in the distance. When he returned the next evening, hoping to capture the whales again, he was treated to a breathtaking light show.

Albrigsten posted his footage on Google Plus with the caption ‘Tested a new camera and met some Humpbacks under the Auroras’, and the video quickly went viral, also featuring on Norwegian TV channel NRK. He described the moment as “a dream for many” since not many people get to witness the Northern Lights let alone a pod of whales splashing around beneath them. Earlier in the year he also filmed reindeer grazing under the lights.

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