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Abisko, Sweden

Lights Over Lapland

📌 68.358773, 18.783229

Abisko, Sweden, (NorthEast view)

Lights Over Lapland

📌 68.358773, 18.783229

Abisko, sky camera, –  Network

Latest picture from the Kiruna, “All-Sky camera”, Sweden Network
Courtesy of The Swedish Institute of Space Physics

📌 67°50′26.754″N 20°24′34.225″W

Porjus, Sweden – North view

Nature of Jokkmokk, Porjus, 4

📌 66°57′N 19°49′E

Porjus, Sweden – West view

Porjus Train Station, Jokkmokk, Lapland, Sweden

📌 66°57′N 19°49′E

Porjus, Sweden – East view

Nature of Jokkmokk, Porjus, 5

📌 66°57′N 19°49′E

Porjus, Sweden – All-sky Nature of Jokkmokk, Porjus

📌66°57′N 19°49′E

Tromsø, Norway, Courtesy of National Institute of Polar Research

Finland, Hankasalmen Observatory!

📌 62°15’16″N 26°35’59″E

Tampere, Finland – North-East

Ursa Astronomical Association

📌 61°30’N 023°46’E

Finland, Nyrölän Observatory, Nyrölä All-sky imager (Canon EOS 350D/400D + Samyang 8mm fish-eye!

Sodankylä, Finland – All-sky Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (University of Oulu)

📌 67.42N 26.39E

Svalbard, Norway – All-sky

The Kjell Henriksen Observatory, Svalbard, Norway

📌 78.148 N, 16.043 E


Yellowknife, Canada

University of Calgary / AuroraMax

📌 62°27′N 114°24′W

Fairbanks / Alaska