Cloud & IR Cover – Sweden, Stockholm

Help / Donation / SOS started as something to do to stay sane in the cold and dark winter months of Sweden.
But now it is time to ask for your help to keep this project alive.
There are numerous things that I am paying out of my own pocket to keep this up and running and I simply cannot afford it any more.

I am asking for your help to pay for the following:
★Domain & DNS
★Server hosting
★Internet service provider
★Development time
★Plug-ins and functions
★API services

Forecast model: GFS 22kmUpdate intervals: 6-7hr, Provider: NOAA

GFS 22km, basic model provided by NOAA is not so good, resolution compared to other models.
May fail in mountainous areas. Please make up Donation so that we can get a payed API with better resolution and hi-update frequency.

Updating the image every 120 seconds

If of the image box above is 100% white, that means cloud is covering the Stockholm area. Once the weather is better, you will be able to see land and water contours.

Legend: Cloud Mask ⇒ =Clear sky over water =Clear sky over land =Cloud []