Solar Storm Forecast – March 14, 2019 at 08:00PM

Space Weather picks up this week as we await some fast solar wind from a coronal hole to hit Earth. We have already felt the effects from two mini-solarstorms that have hit Earth over the past couple of days, bringing aurora as far south as Michigan and as far north as New Zealand. This storm isn’t expected to be very strong but it could bring aurora down to Mid-Latitudes again for a short while. If the storm is weak, however, it could serve to give amateur and shortwave radio propagation a much needed boost, especially on Earth’s nightside. Now that rogue sunspot 2734 has rotated to the Sun’s backside, we are again staring at a spotless Sun, which means GPS reception should be good, but radio propagation on Earth’s dayside could drop back into poor conditions by the weekend. Learn the details of this coming solar storm, catch up on aurora photos from recent solar storms, and see what else our Sun has in store this week.

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For a more in-depth look at the data and images highlighted in this video see my other videos, I am saving space for links to the aurora field reporter photos featured in this week’s forecast.

Aurora Photography:
Anne-Marie Gutschlag, Awarua Bay NewZealand :

Notannee Bourassa, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada:

Steph Edgar-Cassin, Torquay, Saskatchewan, Canada:

Adrien Maudruit, Senja Norway:

Alan Dyer, Lofoten Islands, Norway:

Funny Face Audrey, Yellowknife, Canada:

Andy Witteman, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA:

Svea Snowmobile, Kiruna, Sweden:

Paul Southland, New Zealand:

Live Aurora Network, Iceland:

Isaac, Calumet, Michigan, USA:

Kareen, Shetland, UK:

Alistair Hamill, Antrim, North Ireland:

Alyn Wallace, Iceland:

Cogie’s Auroras, Durness, Scotland:

Team Tanner, Central Alberta, Canada:

Abdulmajid, near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:

Graham Brodie, Oulanka National Park, Finland:

Lone Athanasakis, Denmark:


Credit: TamithaSkov

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