Solar Storm Forecast – June 20, 2019 at 07:51PM

This Solar Storm Forecast is sponsored in part by 3ric Johanson:

This week Space Weather calms down a bit at Earth compared to last week. We have a few pockets of solar wind that are moving through the Earth-strike zone, but they will likely cause only some sporadic disturbances. This means aurora will be elusive even at “High-Latitudes”. We also have a spotless Sun so solar flux remains in the high 60’s this week. Because of this, radio propagation on Earth’s dayside will likely remain poor. These conditions will persist through this week and well into next week before we get a reprieve. As for GPS users, things look pretty good as reception should be excellent all over the globe. See the details of the coming sporadic wind, catch up on noctilucent cloud and aurora reports over the past week, and learn about a new crater on Mars and how our robotic colonists are faring with all the dust storms currently raging on the Red planet.

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For a more in-depth look at the data and images highlighted in this video see my prior videos. I need to save space for links to the field reporter photos highlighted this week.

Noctilucent Cloud and Aurora Photos:
Lone Athanasakis, Denmark:
Gary Chittick, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland:
Petr Horálek, Prosec, Czech Republic: ;amp;PHPSESSID=up28h88eoui3kt6vt25qbmjdb4
Zita Gasiūnaitė, Klaipėda, Lithuania: ;amp;PHPSESSID=up28h88eoui3kt6vt25qbmjdb4
Karla Leeftink, Drenthe, Netherlands:
Boris Ruth , Trier, Germany: ;amp;PHPSESSID=4t8ktmgt3aaaicobksiadcgoe0
Vincent Phillips, Hale village near Liverpool, UK: ;amp;PHPSESSID=up28h88eoui3kt6vt25qbmjdb4
Team Tanner, Central Alberta, Canada:
Notanee Bourassa, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada:
Jason O’Young, cape George, Novia Scotia, Canada:
Isaac, Misery Bay, Michigan, USA:
Stefan Walker, NW of Buffalo, Minnesota, USA:
Jake Stehli, Winona, Minnesota, USA:
Don Davis, Joshua Tree, California, USA:
Sussan Says, Hobart, Tasmania:


Credit: TamithaSkov

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