Solar Storm Forecast – February 13, 2019 at 08:09PM

We are finally beginning to quiet down after exiting an extended source of sporadic fast solar wind hitting Earth over the past ten days. We may still see some storming at High-Latitudes, including a possibility of more aurora. However, there is only a slim chance of aurora dropping down to Mid-Latitudes this week. Overall, things should begin to quiet down through week’s end. But we wont rest for long as another chance for a solar storm is on the horizon. Also, amateur radio and shortwave emergency responders hang on to the low end of marginal for radio propagation this week, but a new bright region will rotate into Earth view in the next few days. This new light should bump solar flux back into the mid-70s by next week, which means dayside radio propagation should improve. Luckily, this region is not a big flare producer so GPS reception should remain good on Earth’s dayside. Catch up on some of the aurora photos from recent solar storms with our guest host, Kelley Filby, learn what the backside Sun reveals about the active region (old region 2733) returning into Earth view, and see what else our Sun has in store for us this week.

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For a more in-depth look at the data and images in this video see links in my prior videos. I am saving space below for links to the aurora field reporter photos highlighted this week:

Aurora Photography:
Tim Nordström, Abisko, Sweden:
Oliver Wright, Abisko, Sweden:
Glass Images, North Berwick, Scotland:
Nick, Ganavan Beach, Scotland:
Giuseppe Petricca, Stornoway, Scotland:
Brian Fullerton, Northern Ireland:
Kathelcymru, Cumbria, UK:
Carolyn Hailstones (via Aurora Newtork), Iceland:
Ollie Taylor, Iceland:
Brent Mckean, Eastern Manitoba, Canada
Dan Lorenz, Detroit, Michigan:
Mike Rongo, Marquette, Michigan, USA:
Kevin Palmer, Montana, USA:
Anne-Marie Gutschlag, Invercargill, New Zealand:
Sussan Says, Hobart Tasmania:

Credit: TamithaSkov

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