Minor updates

I kind of got tired of having un-formatted text in the alert email.
This happens because the email notification is sent simultaneously before text formatting is applied. And unfortunately there is no way around this issue unless you want to wait for approximately one hour after the actual alert goes out which in most cases is not fast enough for us aurora hunters.

So we have solve this issue by getting rid of the text in the email and just including a link to the original alert post with the correct text formatting.

The alert post will be available for three days after its creation, after which it will be permanently deleted, there is no point in collecting trash.

We are also hoping in the near future to scrap the current alert system and change it to a more accurate one based on ESA data ūüôā

If you want to sign up for the Aurora alert email please click here.
And please, don’t forget to confirm your email address, if you don’t, you will not receive our alerts. If you know that you have forgotten to confirm your email please contact us with your email address that you signed up with and we will resend you a confirmation email.

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