Ljusår – ett år av ljus, Light-year – a year of light

Photo book with 116 pages beautiful night shots and Göran Strand’s own words. Format 270×270 mm. Text both in English and Swedish.

Look at a light-year from the perspective of an astrophotographer. Take time during all four seasons of the year to discover what makes each one of them uniquely special. Come on a journey to the sun, the moon, the Milky Way, noctilucent clouds and the mightiest of Northern Lights. Why is autumn a favourite season, why is it a good thing when it’s minus 20 degrees outside, and why does spring bring a melancholy mood? In the book “Light-year – a year of light” photographer Göran Strand describes his passion for light, illustrated by a great selection of his well-loved photographs.

Photographer Göran Strand lives in Östersund, Jämtland, in northern Sweden. During recent years he has received great recognition for his photos and film sequences of different phenomena of the skies. He has contributed film and photographic materials to both Swedish and international film productions, several of his photos have been nominated “Astronomy Picture of the Day” by NASA and in 2014, the world-famous band Coldplay used one of his films of the Northern Lights in their music video “A sky full of stars”. In the autumn of 2012 Göran’s first book “Jämtlandsnatt” (Nights in Jämtland) was published, and in November 2016 five of his Northern Lights photographs were published as stamps by PostNord AB in Sweden.

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Förlag: Jengel förlag

ISBN: 9789187309632

År: 2016

Författare: Göran Strand

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