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Very accurate model provided by European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts. Clear winner compared to other forecast models. Since the model is commercial, only few companies in the World offer it.

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ICON 7km

The ICON model (ICON = ICOsahedral Nonhydrostatic) is the global predictive model in the model chain of the DWD. In the global ICON, the higher-resolution ICON-EU nesting area for Europe is embedded in the regional forecast. In addition, the DWD operates with the COSMO-D2 also limited to Germany and the riparian countries regional model, which serves mainly the short-term forecast. Ensemble predictions are also provided by the COSMO-D2. The numeric predictive data is provided from all models in GRIB2 format. The forecast data is provided for the individual weather elements (prediction variables) in so-called standard packages free of charge on the Open Data Server of the DWD.

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Updating the image every 120 seconds


If the image box above is 100% white, that means cloud is covering the Stockholm area. Once the weather is better, you will be able to see land and water contours. ?: Cloud Mask ⇒ =Clear sky over water =Clear sky over land  =Cloud Cloud Mask.
The Cloud Mask product describes the scene type (either 'clear' or 'cloudy') on a pixel level. Each pixel is classified as one of the following four types: clear sky over water, clear sky over land, cloud, or not processed (off Earth disc).

Applications & Uses:
The main use is in support of Nowcasting applications, where it frequently serves as a basis for other cloud products, and the remote sensing of continental and ocean surfaces.

European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT)

Updating the image every 120 seconds

Updating the image every 120 seconds
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Updating the image every 120 seconds
Legend: Cloud Mask ⇒ =Clear sky over water =Clear sky over land =Cloud
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