Aurora Alerts email information!!!

Aurora Alerts email informationA few weeks back we had quite a lot of solar activity resulting in an Aurora Alerts email frenzy, for some reason the application has unsubscribe pretty much everyone besides the admin? This is the thing, not everyone has even opend their emails, which is fairly normal. But to un-subscribe you need to open the email to get the specific link to un-subscribe. This leads us to believing that this incident is a result of the security feature by the application it self.

NLS ( will NOT reactivate those users effected manually. This is because we have no way of knowing if this is a bug in the system or a user actually un-subscribed.

If you wish to remedy this you need to re-subscribe.
The server will most likely tell you that your email is already registered. What we are hoping it will do is to send you a new confirmation email. Once you have confirmed your subscription it should be back to normal.

If you should run in to any problems you are welcome to contact us, and we can try to manually activate your subscription.

If you still wish to receive Aurora Alerts from NLS? You’ll have to click the link to re-confirm your subscription.
Please remember to read carefully all the bulletin points on the subscription page!



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