Aurora Alert! 10-04-18

For those of you who follow space weather, you know that the prognosis so late in the season is looking very promising. I had a look on one of my apps today to find the Aurora oval being almost over Stockholm City even if the intensity wasn’t very high. I was really surprised to see that it reached as far as it did. This is how it looked:

The the following images are screenshots from applications showing you the prognosis for the 10th and 11th of April for that Aurora Borealis activity.

Please please let us know if you are heading out in the night to photograph the lights. We would greatly appreciate if you would like to share your location, something like a Google link or GPS coordinates of the location that you are shooting the lights.

The idea is to build a Google map for the next season with all the locations in and around Stockholm, and to make it public…

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